Replica Bedat & Co Movement Automatic Watches

Replica Bedat & Co Movement Automatic Watches archives, kept in Switzerland and in Paris, record the developments that have sustained Bedat & Co watchmaking for more than two centuries. The firm is committed to remaining ahead of its time with a flow of inventions and improvements.
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Following his introduction at the Royal court, Bedat & Co built himself a loyal clientele among the nobility and designed exclusive timepieces for elite members of the military, and financial and diplomatic classes. Queen Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Queen Victoria, and Sir Winston Churchill were among those who swore by the Bedat & Co timepieces' finesse and fine artistry. Mixing the richness of art and culture, Bedat & Co Movement Automatic set a standard of perfection which is, to this day, carried on by his heirs.